Badlands Sunset, Wildlife and Amazing Night Sky Adventure

From USD $299.00
  • Duration: 6 Hours (approx.)
  • Location: South Dakota
This evening tour begins with a pickup from your Rapid City, Hill City, Custer, or Keystone accommodations. We'll head towards the Badlands to enjoy a beautiful sunset from a picture-perfect place. We bring folding chairs, blankets, sleeping mats, pillows with disposable covers, hand warmers, hot drinks, water, telescopes, and star charts as we watch the sun gently lower over the pinnacles and spires, causing the multicolored layers to light up in wonder. After the sun sets, we make our way to the Badlands Night Sky area, where we are treated not only by the stars above but also by satellites in our private star viewing site.  

The viewing points for the sunset can vary based on your particular interests. Heading down some off-the-beaten-path roads to overlooks with Buffalo present below on the prairie. This is your time, and you can spend it wherever you like. 

The Badlands National Park sunset is an incredible sight to behold. As the sun sets over its unique landscape, visitors are treated to a show of vibrant oranges, pinks, and purples that slowly give way to deep blues as the night takes hold. We'll start by picking you up directly from your accommodations and going to the sunset viewpoint in the Badlands.

The best time to visit the Badlands is during the Golden Hour. This is one hour before sunset. We will arrive about 1 hour before this time. Before entering the Badlands, we'll visit Wall Drug for a restroom break.  

No matter what kind of experience you're looking for at Badlands National Park, there's no doubt that witnessing its stunning sunset and night sky is sure to be a highlight of your trip. We'll bring the camera, blanket, and other items to make this a great experience. 

Some ask, where is the best place to see the sunset in Badlands National Park? The answer depends on the time of year. We eliminate that hassle by knowing the best place and accurate sunset time in Badlands National Park. Pinnacles overlook Badlands Sunset viewers have a great location, but we prefer less crowded places. This makes for a great experience whether you are a family or a couple looking for a romantic experience in the Black Hills and Badlands. 

Animals abound during the golden hour, and we'll be sure to take photos along the way. ​As twilight fades into darkness, bright stars become visible in the Badlands Night sky. Timing is everything. Once we have taken in the beautiful sunset, we'll continue on the Badlands Loop. Along the way, colors change, wildlife appears, and you'll enjoy some of the most stunning views in the Badlands. 

Some animals we'll see are Bighorn Sheep, Whitetail and Mule Deer, Bison, Badgers, Porcupines, Bats, Coyotes, and more. It's an incredible journey, one filled with excitement and serenity simultaneously. The journey to our secret location takes about 35-45 minutes. We go to a private and quiet location. So that you know, Badlands National Park offers a night sky program. We will gladly take you there, but we feel our chosen location is perfect. 

Once we arrive at our secret night sky location in the Badlands, we'll unpack and lead you to it. We bring all kinds of items to ensure you're comfortable and getting the most out of the experience. A large blanket for the ground, more blankets if it's cool, pillows with disposable covers, binoculars, laser pointer, star gazing app, camera, snacks, water, and more. 

 In the summer, oftentimes, the temperature is perfect at night. We're all comfortable, relaxed, and enjoying the spectacle of nature simultaneously. Here, you'll be able to see 7500 stars with the naked eye, making it one of the best places in the world to see the night sky. Many of our guests have never experienced seeing this many stars or the Milky Way. We'll show you how to use the night settings on your phone to capture images from above. 

When you're fulfilled, we'll make our way back. Don't worry; we have flashlights. A safe drive home to your hotel or accommodations lets you think about all the beauty you've seen. You'll sleep well tonight with great memories of the sunset and night sky of Badlands National Park. 

If you'd like to enhance an already fantastic tour, you can. We are working with the Badlands Observatory, a private observatory near our sunset viewing location. The observatory enhancement allows you to look through multiple telescopes, tour the observatory, and learn from an Astrology expert! This observatory is unique and constructed by its owner. Ron Dyvig. His partner, Teresa Hofer, focuses on photography of the night sky and the Badlands. 

Indoors, there is an exhibit of the instruments, current astrological events, TV screens projecting images from the International Space Station, and a viewing of their gigantic telescope upstairs. Outside, seating and multiple telescopes will be set up and aimed at interesting night sky features.